Booth Muirie has been manufacturing rainscreen systems in the UK and Ireland since 1978. Using original concepts, the company has evolved and innovated to become a key presence in the technically challenging rainscreen cladding market.  Since becoming a Euroclad company, Booth Muirie has continued to grow, through a commitment to technical excellence and robust supply.


Our CNC-controlled, four roll plate curving machine, has extended the range of radii of curved metal that can be processed. Particularly suitable for high volumes, it can produce almost any curve from simple half-circle bullnoses to elliptical shapes, and offers excellent repeatability. Capable of accommodating sheet lengths of up to 3m, the machine has infinitely variable speed drive and roller adjustment.


Manufacturing Process Video

TECHNOLOGY & traceability

It all begins with the Booth Muirie technical team. Years of system and detailing expertise means that design expectations can be designed and achieved, whilst ensuring Building Regulation compliance. Optimum manufacturing and installation options are advised to achieve the fastest, most cost-effective solutions. Once a Bulk Order is placed the production process commences. Material is allocated from stock or ordered to specification, whilst system drawings are created by the Technical Drawings team. Following contractual sign off, delivery dates are agreed.

Bespoke software

A bespoke software solution that has been exclusively designed and developed for Booth Muirie. Through the integration of existing and bespoke software, drawing files link with the panel production details, which are then imported into the production machinery. This advanced process optimises sheet utilisation and minimises machine time, keeping material and processing costs to a minimum by reducing waste and improving efficiency.

Material routing
Cutting, drilling and routing ACM is performed by large, flat-bed, multi-tool machines, that are operated and monitored by experienced staff as they follow a pre-programmed set of actions, based on the previous stages of the process. The routing of ACM means that sheet and panel sizes can be processed in lengths of more than seven metres, with the 'v' groove routed into the panel providing an easily folded edge. This avoids any requirement for machine folding and any associated process restrictions. As such, the panels are finished by hand, after being uniquely labelled and then scanned.

Panels are scanned into the assembly process and finished by hand using the most suitable methods for the kind of panel being assembled. 
Once complete, panels are stored in a dedicated area ready for packaging, away from the hustle and bustle of production and assembly.

Packing and loading
Panels are packaged on pallets, with each pallet also featuring a unique QR Code that can be traced to the relevant works order. Operators scan the panels while packing them, which shows the progress of the work order and highlights any items left to pack, as well as their current position in the production process. When a pallet of panels is completed, specific paperwork and labels are automatically created and the loaded pallet is made available for delivery. The QR code sticker is removed from the pallets as they are loaded onto the delivery vehicle and placed onto the loading document. They are then scanned to record the movement of the pallet from packing to delivery. This also prompts the creation of delivery notes and provides information to SAGE invoicing systems.

The pallet QR code can be scanned by any mobile device with a QR Code Scanner App, which can record the information for easy panel tracking. This has been embraced onsite as a key benefit of Booth Muirie’s product supply, locating the correct panels infinitely faster, easier and more accurately than previously possible.
The entire process and its stages are fully audited, providing complete traceability throughout production, packing and delivery. Armed with this level of detail, processes are continually improved where appropriate and this has resulted in significant enhancements to production planning, delivery scheduling and stock control. The benefit of this to Booth Muirie customers is increased productivity, quality and reliability.