Fire Safety

In the interests of providing unequivocal information about the fire performance of BML Systems and the specific wall assemblies that it can form part of, we are sharing the results from an unprecedented number of tests that have taken place featuring Booth Muirie BML Systems. - For more information click here

Fire Performance

There are generally three types of ACM available with differing levels of resistance to fire.

The resistance to fire performance of ACM is influenced by the combined performance of the painted aluminium surface and the core material. The type of core material used and the manner in which it is fused to the aluminium skins is the primary influencer in respect to the composite material's resistance to fire.

There are typically three types of core available:

  • Polyethylene (PE). This is combustible.
  • Fire Resisting (FR). Such core materials contain a mixture of combustible polyethylene and minerals that limit the proliferation of flame and restrict the development of smoke.
  • A2. Such core materials primarily consist of minerals that limit the proliferation of flame and restrict the development of smoke and are considered as being of Limited Combustibility as defined in tables A6 and A7 of Appendix A of approved document B.

As part of our commitment to ethical business practice, we will not supply Polyethylene-cored ACM.

Fire Safety Compliance

As a leading fabricator of rainscreens formed from aluminium composite material (ACM), we take our obligation to providing sound advice and appropriate support very seriously. So, we decided that it would be beneficial to clarify the routes to compliance.

With that in mind Nick Jenkins has produced a useful report, drawing on the combined intelligence and knowledge of industry experts, entitled "Designing Approved Document B2 Compliant Multi Layered Walls Featuring Rainscreen Panel Systems Formed from Aluminium Composite Material (ACM)." This has been designed to be a plain-speaking, honest and impartial assessment of the pros and cons associated with the various options available to achieve compliance.

Note that the designer is responsible for the compliance of an installed multi-wall system featuring an ACM rainscreen panel system and the tag 'designer' can be applied to any individual that influences the construction of the building. With this publication we aim to give you the information you need to minimise risk and achieve compliance.

To download a copy of this Technical Report - Click here