Refresh Systems provide a series of standard systems that can be used to over-clad existing building envelopes that have either failed, require improved performance or have seen better days and are in need of a facelift.


Refresh is a way of achieving increased building longevity, whilst utilising the existing structure and positively transforming exterior building aesthetics.


Refresh Systems

Refresh Systems include solutions for all kinds of existing structures and all types of over clad systems. BML Systems are at the high end of Refresh Systems, being ideal for the refurbishment of walls, features and even interiors. Their construction is near identical whether new-build or refurbishment and there are many examples where BML systems have been used to completely transform tired, outdated buildings into vibrant, impressive landmarks.

  • Refurbishing buildings rather than demolishing and rebuilding them offers many significant benefits: Refurbishment projects generally cause less disruption to the community and can dramatically improve the aesthetics of a building and the surrounding environment.

  • Refurbishments can make financial sense, even when the complete building envelope needs replacing. The majority of the building fabric can be retained, saving a significant amount of time and money.

  • By reusing the functioning parts of the building, the impact on the environment is lowered, with material production and transport being greatly reduced.

  • BML Systems featuring MCM, ACM and powder coated aluminium are proving to be increasingly popular for use in refurbishment projects as they are light, strong and durable, putting less strain on the building structure than heavier options.

Do you have a building that needs a Refresh?

Use the Refresh enquiry form below, to send us your project details. Please note that the structural performance of the existing building structure is critical to the Refresh solution.