R.I.B.A. Approved CPD Seminar

Our CPD seminar is R.I.B.A. approved and accredited within sections of the Core Curriculum. We continually address and update our seminar to include any new issues within our industry and sectors that our product range are used in.

RIBA approved cpd seminar

Design and Specification of Metal Composite Materials (MCM) Rainscreen Façades

  • RIBA General Headings - Construction skills | Professional context
  • RIBA Subject - Specification writing and choosing material | Architecture design
  • RIBA Knowledge Level - General awareness

Seminar Details

This seminar sets out to educate and inform the audience on the make up, composition, applications of Metal Composite Materials and Aluminium Composite Materials, primarily in a vertical or near vertical cladding environment. It is recognised that the target audience is as diverse as the architectural industry, therefore the producers have taken trouble to ensure that is covers those details which, in many years of conversations with specifiers, seems to most influence most of the understanding of the products. In compiling the seminar, we are conscious of the wide interests, ranging from manufacturing, through aesthetics to cleaning and recycling. We are also conscious of the need to make the seminar understandable within the desired 40 minutes. Where there is known to be an excellent RIBA Assessed CPD seminar on a subject, for example, the Council for Aluminium in Building's Module 6, seminar on recycling, then this has been referenced and included in the main seminar.

  • Seminar duration - 45 minutes | Printed seminar notes available also available to download
  • Lunch details - We will provide lunch at a maximum of £5 per head for all seminar attendees



Resistance to spread of fire performance, classification, and calorific values of aluminium and ACM rainscreen cladding.

Please note that this presentation is hot off the press and as such has not yet been RIBA approved. We are making this available now due to the importance and urgency of this topic.

Seminar details:

  • Introduction to Euro Clad Ltd and Booth Muirie
  • Brief overview of other Euro Clad Ltd cladding systems, including Elite Systems and various roof and wall profiles
  • Accreditations and Approvals
  • Design Considerations including Acoustics, Flexibility, Durability, Thermal, Sustainability, leading into the topic of Fire
  • Explanation of PE, FR, and A2 classified ACM material, plus PPC Solid Aluminium
  • Description of the Calorific Values of the various ACM Material currently available
  • Explanation of the BS8414 Test and Video footage of actual tests incorporating PE, FR, and A2 classified materials
  • Explanation of the options to comply with Approved Document B2
  • Review of extensive Test Results carried out by the Euro Clad Ltd/Booth Muirie, in accordance with BS8414 including those carried out on behalf of DCLG (Department for Communities and Local Government)
  • The critical nature of detail design on performance.
  • Summary and questions

Seminar duration - 45 minutes. Lunch details - We will provide lunch at a maximum of £5 per head for all seminar attendees