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The buildings that house car dealerships are often used as extensions to the brand; reflecting the attributes of car manufacturers, such as quality and integrity

The buildings that house car dealerships are often used as extensions to the brand; reflecting the attributes of car manufacturers, such as quality and integrity. That is why our products have been chosen for many main dealers, using products such as BML Systems for BMW dealerships and BML Opus at Citroen franchises, to reflect the corporate image and provide customers with positive reinforcement about the brand.

Notable projects

Popular Systems

Peter Vardy Jaguar Land Rover,
Porsche dealership Aberdeen

BML60, BML Opus

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The commercial sector of construction encompasses the structures used for business, particularly office developments.  The range of products combined with leading service and technical support makes Booth Muirie the ideal rainscreen manufacturer for this sector.

 Notable Projects Popular Systems
 VW Financial Services HQ, Canary Wharf Crossrail  BML60, BML100, BML120, BML200, BML NORBO

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Buildings that are used for education have changed dramatically over the years, with a clear need for improved acoustic performance, as well as establishing a clear requirement for building products that inherently conserve energy and minimise environmental impact.  

The value of visual design has also been pushed up the agenda, with much more focus on producing buildings that are engaging and stimulating; providing a sense of pride and belonging.


Notable Projects Popular systems
St Aloysius School, Robert Gordon University BML60, BML120, BML200

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Healthcare construction is experiencing a renaissance, both in terms of visual and functional design.  

Many modern hospitals and other healthcare buildings now feature attractive internal and external applications of metal cladding products which serve to create a modern, clean and calm environment for patients, staff and visitors.

Noteable projects Popular systems
South Glasgow University Hospital BML120, BML200

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The hospitality industry represents a wide range of business types, specifically accommodation, travel and tourism.    

Some of the most popular constructions within this field have made use of Euroclad products and it is the versatility and design flexibility of these products that make them suitable for a sector that is so diverse; ranging from hotels to theme parks and restaurants to coffee shops.

Notable projects Popular systems
St Giles Hotel, De Veres hotel chain BML60, BML120, Bespoke interiors

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Retail / Supermarkets

One of the main drivers for the retail sector is growth, particularly for supermarkets and out-of-town developments where there are less restrictions than within a city’s central business district.  

Whether it’s a huge new retail park or the refurbishment of a shop entranceway, our product range enables us to provide the right product for the right application, helping you deliver the goods, whatever the design.

Notable projects Popular systems
Milton Keynes Leisure Complex, Princess Hay Shopping Centre BML 120, BML200, BML400, BML NORBO

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Sports & Leisure


Sport and leisure is a big part of the UK’s culture and economy.  With the growth in popularity of so many sports the last decade has seen a profusion of sporting developments, from local gyms and leisure centres to world-class stadia.  

We’ve been involved in our fair share of these constructions, including: leisure facilities such as David Lloyd Clubs; football stadia such as the Arsenal Emirates Stadium; and even the iconic centrepiece to the 2012 Olympic Games, The Stadium at the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park.

Notable projects Popular systems
London Olympic 2012 Stadium, Mayesbrook Arena BML60, BML100, BML120, BML400, Rainspan

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